AUM by Martí Gasull


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AUM by Martí Gasull

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Aum, Sanskrit sound that symbolizes the origin of the universe, is the title that conceptualizes this visual exercise. As an aphorism or “sutra”, it manages to capture a personal experience with universal transcendence.

AUM by Marti Gasull

Putting aside the traditional ethnographic and/or spiritual-touristic portrayal of India, the author pushes us into a continuum of transformational images. Behind an apparent creational-destructive visual chaos, through a set of speculative routinary images, the observer has the opportunity to discover the unaltered essence of the aroma that the work transpires. It is a personal journey that suggests an eternal retour, not to the point of origin, but to a more elevated level, in an existential spiral way, produce of the vital experience.

AUM by Marti Gasull

By means of narrative, poetic and photographic style, the author achieves the union of the method utilized and the result of the work. The insertion of the continent and the content, the reunion of the observer and the field. The research of the essence of India, not only in the product but also in the compositional and the observation process.

Is about a work that demands a contemplative look, that escapes from the analysis and the need of judgment to be interpreted. It is definitely, like India, a work to be experienced.

AUM by Marti Gasull

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