Ask the dusk by Lara Gasparotto


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Ask the dusk by Lara Gasparotto

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In Ask the Dusk by Lara Gasparotto, her travel photos from Ethiopia, the United States, Cambodia, Mexico, Peru, Kyrgysztan and Ukraine show distant places in a vision that never becomes a postcard view.

Lara Gasparotto

Not glimpses of reality, but rather a series of mental and symbolic constructs of a tradition that began with Flemish painting, a tradition so firmly rooted that we no longer realize it is more a matter of symbolism than of reproduction. The travelogue of the loss of orientation of a wayfarer who, having lost her way, encounters unforeseen people and places.

Like all freedom, the freedom Gasparotto’s photographs shows us is the result of a rebellion: against the predominance of duration, against all the forms of self-narration and narration of the world that duration chains to the economy of cause and effect, before and after, likelihood.

Lara Gasparotto

Lara Gasparotto’s trajectory is one of independence and faithfulness to herself; hers is the scandal of the moment that unexpectedly exposes itself to the risk of the dark night of duration. More than theory, it is magic. And her magic is to be herself, an anarchic happiness devoid of a ‘project’. It sweeps over us like the tide, like the light of dawn. Francesca Alfano Miglietti

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