The Archives Bundle by Claudio Pogo


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Claudio Pogo, Berlin based artist, bookmaker and publisher works with mixed media, photography, painting, riso-, xerox-, and screenprinting. The images he creates come from archives, newspapers, magazines and google image search. Through collecting, overpainting, reprinting and re-arranging he creates new context of the found materials.
You will find in this bundle the following title:
1/THE ARCHIVES #10 is about a factory in the US that was
camouflaged during world war 2.
2/THE ARCHIVES #09 shows a burning police car in Toronto in 82 different perspectives.
3/THE ARCHIVES #09 shows a series of soldiers passed out during ceremonies.
4/THE ARCHIVES #07 shows a series of homemade and makeshift gasmasks.
5/THE ARCHIVES #07 shows a series walking bushes.

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