Archiv Naturabbildungen by Dorothee Waldenmaier


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Archiv Naturabbildungen by Dorothee Waldenmaier

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The term Nature is often linked to certain visual associations. There are a number of images in our minds that we are used to put in connection with this term. The cultural comparison with nature constantly generates a wide range of images. Using the images we try to investigate in order to tell and preserve. The result is a complex visual universe that today, in the digital imaging era, grows exponentially.

Archiv Naturabbildungen by German graphic designer and photographer Dorothee Waldenmaier, is a visual essay on natural presentation. It includes a selection of different images, texts and quotations used to stimulate a reflection about the observation of the plant world. This project provides an overview of the myriad of visual worlds, which have arisen in the involvment of people with the flora. The primary objective is to investigate our visual memory and our associations with the theme of nature and to show nature as an ensemble of beauty and poetry.

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