Alsof er iets te kiezen valt by Lieven Herreman


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Alsof er iets te kiezen valt by Lieven Herreman

‘I like the undefinite, the boundless, and constant uncertainty.’ Gerard Richter

As if there is something to choose, nothing can be hidden anymore.

Yellowed spots on the walls, a bit peeled off wallpaper, plants that yearn for water.
The space smells like hands that reveal the secrets of the past.
The stars are never indifferent. They sometimes suggest wild aberrations like after eroticism, and realistic details in one unstoppable abundance as if it were ripples in the water, after the memory and the pain of desire.

Like a trap deep on the asphalt. From heaven too. The body suddenly with stitches. The scar as a gender on her belly. But also under the branches of the passion flowers she searched for nudity, she wanted to forget about thinking and recapture oblivion.

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