Aliqual by Massimo Mastrorillo


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Aliqual by Massimo Mastrorillo


there is a very simple game that consists of repeating a word again and
again until its meaning breaks down and becomes something mysterious
that disorientates us and gives us the opportunity to imagine a world that
has suddenly become something else.

Here in Aliqual, the city centre is a mass of rubble, inexorable
ruins, empty yet animated, surrounded by an archipelago of inhabited suburbs
that seem to urge the discovery of new visions. It is a dystopian space
located somewhere in a future that is simultaneously near and remote,
which forcefully brings home the very real loss of a sense of scale; a crisis
that reaches beyond an event’s effects. Everything is upturned in this improbable
settlement, where organic and disorganic merge in continuous
metamorphoses, and we see only shapes: lines, circles and triangles. These
hyper-formal, almost automatic recordings, have ceased to probe themselves
and ask questions. As in an upturned theory of ruins, we are immersed
in the representational space of a distorted reality, where an uninhabitable
world comes to life. The comparison with history and memory takes
the path of discovery, in the quest for these fragments that come to life on
their own.

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