Affleuré by Emilia Stefani Law




Affleuré by Emilia Stefani Law

Signed copies with a unique signed Polaroid (8,50 x 10,5 cm) to choose from

Here too, neither drama nor intrigue, but the incessant murmur of sensations that traverse the landscapes.

Affleurer means to make two adjoining bodies flush with one another | The point where a rock formation is visible on the surface | Affleurement indicates that something hidden, forgotten, latent is surfacing and coming back to us.

Someone walked all the way here. Here : facing the mass of fallen rocks, a few steps from the top of the foliage covering chalky ground, along the steep slopes of a shoreline where night rises from a sea that we imagine nearby.
Traces of human occupation are discreet. None of these places currently seems to be cultivated or even inhabited, and the series bears witness to the intensity of a landscape restored to its own slowness. Could the act of photographing document the long stretches of time that
precede us ? (…) Olivier Gaudin

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