A short Story by Thomas Boivin


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A short Story by Thomas Boivin

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A short story. A love story. A dialogue. Love on the left bank meets Before sunrise. Playful, delightful, sad and heartfelt.
Wonderful text and wonderful images work so wonderfully well in the cinematic lay-out.

Stefan Vanthuyne

This life we live is a strange dream and
i don’t believe at all any account men give of it

-Henri David Thoreau

“A Short Story by Thomas Boivin is a lovely book. It’s a poetic affair, that tells the story of a relationship – from meeting across a table, to the beginning of passion, the apex, the highs and lows of a long distance relationship, final petering out into asymetrical falling out of love, separation, heartbreak and desolation.

It’s a universal story, and the words are universal in a way. They are not pinned down in some ways, and they are certainly not pinned to the pictures which have a floaty, nebulous feel to them. ”
Post on Colin Pantal Blog on Why, Oh Why is Nothing Simple Anymore?

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