The magazine work by Walker Evans


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The magazine work by Walker Evans

What’s so special about Evans’ magazine work?

He never used the pages simply to showcase his talents as an image-maker. He was truly committed to fashioning a counter-commentary on America and its values but from within its mainstream magazine culture. Plus he got himself into a position where he could set his own assignments, write, edit and lay out his pages. That’s extremely rare. Photographers hardly ever get the chance to be involved in those aspects (which is why they are often so desperate to run off and make a book of their work – more control but a smaller audience)

David Campany

Walker Evans was one of the most important and influential artists of the twentieth century, who produced a body of photographs that continues to shape our understanding of the modern era. Evans worked in every genre and format, in black and white and in color, but two passions were constant: literature and the printed page.

This book goes really well with the newly published photobook called Labor Anonymous

Walker Evans: the magazine work was also shortlisted for the PhotoEspana book award, 2015

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