29 X lumière by Julie Calbert


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29 X lumière by Julie Calbert

29 X lumière by Julie Calbert is the book translation of an installation made of 29 reproductions of the same image, each one showing alterations and damages on purpose. Silvergelatin prints on a photographic paper called LUMIERE. Each image has been replaced by a line to form a graphic score. 17 musicians provided an audio interpretation of the score.

Musical collaboration by the following musician:
Olan Mill, Michael A. Muller, Boduf Songs
Pak Yan Lau, Midori Hirano, Oliver Doerell
Melodium, Sofie Birch, Illuminine, Christina Vantzou
Ben Bertrand, Kira Kira, Secret Pyramid, Leo Svirsky
Snowdrops, Florence Cats, Jana Irmert.

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